ARTS – Autonomous ResilienT Systems

Research group – IMT Nord Europe – CERI Systèmes Numériques

by Laurent CLAVIER

Two best paper awards

Lounès Meddahi, Ahmed Meddahi, Patrick Sondi and Fen Zhou, “Leveraging blockchain for a robust and scalable device identification in LoRaWAN”, the 2023 International Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications (ISNCC 2023), Doha – Qatar, October 23 – 26, 2023 G. … Continue reading

by Fen Zhou
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Disaster-Resilient SFC

Our first paper about disaster-resilient SFC has been accepted by IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Cloud Computing and Networking (ICCN), held in conjunction with INFOCOM’2021. S. Cai, F. Zhou, Z. Zhang, A. Meddahi. Disaster-Resilient Service Function Chain Embedding Based on … Continue reading

by Laurent CLAVIER

Accepted for publication

L. Clavier, T. Pedersen, Ignacio Rodriguez, M. Lauridsen and M. Egan, “Experimental Evidence for Heavy Tailed Interference in the IoT,” IEEE Communications Letters, 2020. A. Ataklity Tesfay, E.P. Simon, I. Nevat and L. CLavier, “Multiuser Detection for DownlinkCommunication in LoRa-like Networks”, IEEE … Continue reading